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Red Raiph

Red Raiph
After his mysterious arrival on Twitter in 2012, tenteen-year-old Red Raiph, set out to change the world for the better — one tweet at a time.
Passionate about politics, equality and independence for Scotland, he uses his own brand of humour to entertain and inform  both young and old alike.
A published author and prolific artist, his paintings have been displayed during the Edinburgh Fringe. But he is perhaps more well known for his books, often described as so hilarious that they should come with a health warning.
Raiph dreams of having his infamous livetweets transformed into stage performances, and to one day see his political satire have its own space in a national newspaper.
Always happy to showcase the beauty of the Scots language, his frequently misspelled utterances can be found on his Twitter timeline. Do follow @raiphsays, and as he would say himself, whit cin go rang?
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