Marisa (Rissa) Snider


Marisa Snider

Marisa (Rissa) Snider is a Hunkpapa | Sicangu & Oglala Lakota Computer Scientist who lives on both the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Indian Reservations.

She advocates for Youth Organizing, Native Women Who Code, and Native Technologists.

She is currently in the process of creating language software for the Lakota Immersion Childcare and getting computational education into elementary schools on the reservation.

Flavia Tudoreanu

Flavia Tudoreanu 

Flavia Tudoreanu – Co-organiser of Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

I’m one of these bad Romanian immigrants you hear about from UKIP or tabloid newspapers. Keep your distance as I might be bad mouthing Trident and those backing nuclear weapons, brag about my wee daughter or even bore you to death with my crafty projects.
I’ve been working with CND for the past 5 years and have been involved in all the aspects of our campaign. From fundraising, membership and accounts to street stalls, large scale demonstrations, lobbying, work with schools or exciting international disarmament meetings including the recent meeting at the United Nations in New York which adopted the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
In my role I’ve had the opportunity to work with a dedicated team of  peace campaigners who keep inspiring me every day and even had the privilege to be part of the fabulous International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) who recently won the Nobel Peace Prize.
You can find out more about the Scottish CND on their Facebook page.

Thomas Morris

Thomas Morris

Thomas Morris is probably not who he should be; he is a mix of genres and styles.

He is an only child to Middle-Class parents, yet spent his early childhood on the terraced streets of Liverpool. Privately-educated yet never graduated, as even at that age he saw a University education and the lifetime of middle-management that would ensue as ‘boring’; his only learning from Uni was how to juggle with three balls.

Now living in the mining heartland of Nottinghamshire, he has spend 20 years working in a privatised utility industry. For 20 of those years he’s had a firm belief it should be re-nationalised.

An archetypal INTP; easily distracted, prefers solitude, and is almost impossible to be relied upon for anything, yet with the benefit of a real ale pub without WiFi he is capable of writing lengthy streams of consciousness, both fact and fiction.

He is an avid traveller, having been to over 70 countries, some of which do not exist. He therefore tends to view borders between countries as an interesting historical fiction. He is particularly fond of Belgium; a country that does exist but he’s not sure how.

A humanist, Green, socially-liberal, economically-socialist, generally apolitical, kink-aware asexual (but hates the flag), his most ardent political belief is that ‘None of the Above’ should be an option on election forms. And the legalisation of cannabis, obviously.

One of his favourite words is ‘mythered’.


You can follow Thomas on twitter. The numbers in his handle have a meaning.

Graham Campbell

Graham Campbell 

Graham was elected SNP Glasgow City Councillor for Springburn/Robroyston Ward on May 4th 2017. Previous an SSP/Solidarity and RISE member he joined the SNP after the 2016 Brexit vote. He is currently a National Council member and came 8th in the recent SNP delegate elections for the party’s NEC. He is National Campaigns Director for SNP Socialists and Treasurer of SNP Trade Union Group. With a community development background as a tenant and refugee rights activist in Sighthill, North Glasgow, Graham worked as a community development consultant and charitable fundraiser – most recently in the office of Anne McLaughlin the MP for Glasgow North East 2015-2017.

An ex-railworker, Pan-African socialist and trade unionist he was proud to be elected becoming the first ever African Caribbean councillor in Glasgow.

He is a strong advocate for the rights of Looked After Children having himself been a young carer coping with his mother’s schizophrenia. Graham was taken into local authority care from 1981-1986 in London.

His other passions are solving the housing crisis, poverty and race equality – particularly for the African Scottish communities as a founder of the first African Caribbean Centre in Glasgow which ran from 2009-2016. He is the Project Leader of twinning organisation Flag Up Scotland Jamaica promoting good relations between Scottish and Jamaican cultures and institutions

He also a musician and dub poet and Director of African Caribbean Cultures Glasgow.

You can find out more about him on Facebook.


Pic by Mark Ynys-Mon