Sahej Rahal


Sahej Rahal’s installations, films and performances are part of a constructed mythology that he creates drawing upon sources ranging from local legends to science fiction. By bringing these into dialogue with each other, Rahal creates scenarios where indeterminate beings emerge into the everyday as if from the cracks in our civilization.

Rahal’s participation in institutional and major solo & group exhibitions internationally have included Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow, 2017; PRIMARY Nottingham 2017; the Liverpool Biennial, 2016; Setouchi Triennial, 2016; Jewish Museum, New York, 2015; Kochi Muziris Biennale, 2014; Vancouver Biennale, 2014; MACRO Museum, Rome, 2014.

His work has been exhibited at Galleria Continua, Les Moulins, France, 2014 and Art Stage Singapore, 2014. He has had two major solo exhibitions at Chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai.

He is a recipient of the INLAKS emerging artist award 2012; the IFA Critical Arts Practice grant 2014; and has been awarded the Forbes India Art Award, 2014, for best debut show for his solo exhibition ‘Forerunner’ at Chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai.

Sahej lives and works in Mumbai.

Richie Venton

Richie Venton

Richie grew up in Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, before emigrating to Liverpool, where he went on to become the central Merseyside organiser of the socialists who led a mass movement that defeated Maggie Thatcher’s brutal Tory government.
Through regional general strikes, mass demos and mass politicization of the population around a defiant socialist city council – which Richie describes in a podcast as the very first posting on his blog – they won the funds to build 5,000 new council houses for rent; create thousands of new jobs; freeze rents for 8 years; vastly improve services; introduce a 35-hour week… and lit a beacon of struggle far beyond Liverpool’s city limits.
For the success of his socialist sins, Richie (along with eight other ‘ringleaders’) was expelled from Labour by Neil Kinnock’s leadership. Tony Benn asked Richie to promise to publish his defence speech at the expulsion hearing… a promise he’s yet to get round to fulfilling!
After later moving to Glasgow, Richie was a founding organiser of the Scottish Socialist Party, and is it’s national workplace & trade union organiser. He is also the elected union convener in a major retail multinational.
A lifelong socialist and trade union activist, he’s been involved in spearheading numerous campaigns, including against school closures; a victorious factory sit-in; against the poll tax and latterly the bedroom tax; building solidarity with workers in struggle (throughout Scotland, the UK and abroad); for an immediate £10 minimum wage; railway nationalisation… the list becomes exhausting!
He was a prominent activist, organiser, writer and speaker for an independent socialist Scotland throughout the Scottish referendum.
Richie writes a blog; contributes regular columns in the Scottish Socialist Voice; has started footering round the foothills of Facebook; and is the author of a widely-praised book, aimed primarily at workers and their allies, Break the Chains – which we know he’d urge all Ungagged listeners to buy, enjoy and use in their struggles for justice!


Ola’s Kool Kitchen

Ola’s Kool Kitchen

Ola’s Kool Kitchen is show since 2007 on KCLA 99.3FM In LA, 107.5 Andhow.FM in New Zealand, Maximum Threshold Radio, Rock Velvet Radio, Rock Radio UK, Sword Radio UK, 365 Radio Network, Jammerstream One, Kor Radio, Firebrand Radio, and Bombshell Radio. An eclectic ride through time and space because good music has no boundaries and created because mainstream radio sucks.

You can listen to Ola’s Kool Kitchen on soundcloud, follow her on Facebook, Twitter or check her out on mixcloud.