So What, If

John McHarg

So What, If

What if you’re told you can’t, when you know you can

When you’re still in the running not an also ran

Start off last and end up first

The party’s last balloon to burst

To be full of intention but put down when you try

Yet stand straight back up and throw defiance in their eyes

Know what you’re worth when no value is given

When no price can buy you on earth or the heavens

Times drag you down without a frown or complaint

Pressure bears on you without constraint

The weight is crushing

 You cope through the pain

Then you’re a Man from the boy

Bees knees real McCoy

 Woman from Girl

A Diamond a Pearl

To be the seen not saw

When your best’s not enough to peers, friend or foe

You pull through, your strength will show

When you’re flat on your back and don’t know how to respond

Reach up for the moon and the stars beyond

When times are hard and you have no luck

That’s when to tell them

They can  get to

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