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Come the Day…

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean On this episode of Ungagged, introduced by Neil Scott, Graham Campbell talks about the Rethinking Race conference in Glasgow, Victoria Pearson reminds us that hope is apathy’s twin sister if it isnt backed up with action, and George Collins  talks about how children are citizens now, not citizens in waiting, and they deserve to have that […]



  Just think of all those hours where You weren’t ill, weren’t lost or heartbroken Weren’t unhappy, weren’t distressed Nor tortured with words, spoken or unspoken   When you were going about your business as usual. Distractedly, maybe, bored, barely awake, But not in pain, unhappy, feeling desperate Or wracked with self-doubt, or shattered by […]

Poetry Victoria Pearson

They Tried To Bury Us

It started underground In the dark A fluttering of awareness A pulsing heartbeat A distant drum of war. It started underground Waiting out the cold Gathering it’s resources Biding it’s time Waiting for its moment. It started underground Until conditions were ripe, Then everything exploded; The rush for the light Breaking into the sun Claiming […]