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The Door And The Handle

John McHarg

The Door and the Handle

In someone’s imagination is a Universe. In this Universe is one solitary planet. On this one solitary planet is one tiny island and on this tiny Island is a tiny cottage. This tiny cottage consists of one room which has one door in and that same door in is the same door out.  On this door is one handle allowing the sole occupant either entry or exit. This single door and its single handle are the subject of this specific story.

Now in this persons imagination, within this peculiar scenario the door and its handle could converse and their current conversation is, as it always is,  as follows.

“yeh????? Well I allow him the chance to come and go” says the door (him being the sole occupant, whom we shall here on to refer to as, him,)

“Oh really”” harks the handle “If it wasn’t for me you would just swing open and closed as the wind sees fit, I keep you closed and allow him to open you”. “If you weren’t screwed on to me you wouldn’t be able to do that, now would you? “Is the witty but somewhat predicable reply from door “and I do stop the wind coming in and blowing all the furniture over” door continued with. “THAT’S MY POINT”” exasperates handle “I KNOW YOU STOP THE WIND” BUT IF IT WASN’T FOR ME YOU COULDN’T!!!!. “”I’m more important!!!!”” they both declare at the same time. “What about me? Says the key lock, but since there I s absolutely no point in a lock being in a handle on a door in a cottage on an island which was is on a planet within a Universe in someone’s imagination with absolutely no other person whatsoever to lock against they simply ignored the comment as they always do and lock goes silent until the next time it’l say  “what about me?”.

“I allow the cottage to cool in the heat when I’m open AND! I keep the heat in when I’m closed” “but can you be opened and closed without me” handle enquireS “If him doesn’t lever me closed or shut?!!!!” Eh? Again!! They both proclaim.

The rest of the components of the cottage listen (weirdly enough they can converse as well but mostly they just listen); it’s the same argument, with the same irrational reasoning, with the same political statements they have heard a thousand and three times before. They have sussed out a long time ago that if you are one small component of a larger thing nothing is more or less important as you, so what’s the point in arguing!!!

To the door and the handle it’ll never be an open and shut case.  Such is Politics.

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