Fuck You very Much

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Chuck Hamilton
(Written for Memorial Day 2015.)


to all those whose idea of patriotism
is sending out young people to die
trying to kill other young people
trying to kill them:

to all those more concerned
with the profits and interests of corporations
than the cost of permanent war
on individual humans and societies
including our own:

to all those who sow strife and dissension
to divide humans from each other
within artificial invisible boundaries
created for the sole purpose of dividing turf
between wealthy and powerful elites
who then turn those same humans against other humans
on the “other side” of those artificial boundaries
humans who are likewise at the mercy
of wealthy and powerful elites
more similar to the elites on their side
than to humans on either side
including how they manipulate their humans

to all who believe corporations are people
whose money is speech
whose rights to religious freedom trump
that of actual humans

to all whose ideology trumps
concern for human welfare
for liberty, equality, and social justice

And the horse you rode in on.

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