Twenty Two


Today we are asking you to spare a thought for those who know that this will be their final Christmas, and the nurses, doctors, carers, cleaners and caterers who give up Christmas with their families to make sure that people recieve the care they deserve at the end of their lives.

There are so very many outstanding organisations and charities we could highlight that work tirelessly to give people dignity in death, and we encourage you to find out about any that are local to you and the different ways to support them. We have chosen three to highlight here.

St Margaret of Scotland Hospice is the oldest and the largest hospice in Scotland. They not only  support patients with advanced life-limiting illness and older people with complex medical and nursing needs in their Clydebank hospice, they also offer Out Patient Facilities, Community Specialist Palliative Care and Counselling Services.

One of our contributors has experience of the care and compassion shown at St Margaret of Scotland Hospice, and how the staff there helped a dearly loved relative end their days with dignity and without pain.

You can support St Margaret of Scotland Hospice by getting involved with their events, visiting their shops, or donating to their shops. If you’re inspired to do even more, you could volunteer.

49,000 children and young people are living in the UK with health conditions that are life-shortening or life-threatening—and the number is rising. That’s one in every 270 children—the equivalent of one in every school. Together for Short Lives are the leading UK charity that speaks out for all children and young people who are expected to have short lives. Together with everyone who provides care and support to these children and families,they are here to help them have as fulfilling lives as possible and the very best care at the end of life.

They also support all the professionals, children’s palliative care services and children’s hospices that deliver lifeline care to children and families across the UK.

You can help by donating to their Christmas Appeal 2016 , taking part in one of their fundraising events or by volunteering.

Rennie Grove Hospice Care is a charity providing care and support for patients in Herts and Bucks diagnosed with life-limiting illness, who wish to die at home, and is another charity close to one of our contributors hearts.

Through their 24/7 responsive hospice at home service and day services they make it possible for people to choose how and where they want to be cared for towards the end of life. The support they provide for families both during the illness and after bereavement is very valuable to the families they support.

Our contributor said;

The Iain Rennie nurses helped keep my grandfather comfortable through emphysema and the final stages of cancer, but their care went beyond that. They were on-call at all times and were an unobtrusive but calming presence through the very private moment of what, thanks to them, was a comfortable, dignified death. They weren’t just a support to him, but to the whole family. The care, compassion and support they gave my grandmother was invaluable both while she was caring for my grandfather and through her bereavement. We could never thank them enough.

You can find out about the many ways to donate to Rennie Grove Hospice Care here.

Image by Debra Torrance

Written by Victoria Pearson 

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