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Max Newland

Max Newland

Max Newland is not a professional writer, speaker, scholar, or columnist. Max is a cashier at a local food Co-Op and lives in Washington, USA (The west coast one with the mountains) with his wife and cat, Cassie and Lydia respectively.

After training in acting and theatre for six years in his early adult life, Max attended two universities and eventually matriculated from one of them with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. The nuts and bolts of how people interact with and form relationships with one another is a primary drive for his interest.

Max recently worked for the Campaign for Bernie Sanders for President, as a site coordinator during the 2016 Primary Caucus in Washington. This was the first political action he’d ever taken and it illustrated to him how much will it takes to achieve political goals.

This is the first time Max has ever contributed to a publication like Ungagged!, and it is a great honour.