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Phat Bollard


Phat Bollard are a travelling Cornish busking band who travel around the country playing in different towns and cities as they go. A mobile phone recording of their song “Millionaires”, which criticises big business and peoples’ attitudes towards the homeless, has been viewed nearly three million times on Facebook.

I know of no other group today that sings about the troubles of the world with such conviction and soul. Fat Bollard are the real deal and deserve to be heard. Like most great discoveries, they are rather elusive but well worth seeking out.

If there is any justice, Phat Bollard will be lifted out of poverty, their message heard, understood and acted upon. But one also gets the sense that for all the hardships, they might actually prefer the freedom of the road they’ve chosen. In the meantime, the least any of us should do is “spare a little change.” Highly recommended.

-Mike Cobb

You can follow Phat Bollard on facebook, or find out more about them on their website.

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    1. This might not be the best place for you to try and make contact with the band – I’d recommend you try and contact them through their Facebook page or website instead. Links to both are in the post above. Good luck!
      — V

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