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A Lefty Winter Tale


Welcome to Ungagged’s first short story competition! We know our listeners are a creative bunch, so we thought we’d give you an opportunity to showcase your talent.


Theme: A lefty winter tale.

The theme is broad and can be interpreted however you feel – judges are looking for something original and well written that holds their interest.


Wordcount: No more than 2000 words


Deadline: 3rd January 2018


Entry: Pay as you feel. Suggested donation £2.50, but no one will be excluded because they can’t pay.

 Email your entry (in the body of the email, not as an attachment) to with the subject “short story competition”, and send a donation for entry – if you can – to our Paypal


Prizes: The stories will be judged by a panel of Ungagged contributors.  The overall winner will appear on the site, win a £50 cash prize and have their story read out on the podcast. A shortlist of our favourites will appear on the Ungagged website, and may also appear on the podcast.

Prizes will be paid via paypal or cheque. There is no geographical restriction to this competition – anyone can enter and we will do our best to accommodate other currencies if the winner is outside the UK. We do ask, however, that entries are in English (or Raiphish!).


Technical stuff: You retain all rights to your work. Writing must be your own original work, which is not under an exclusivity deal and you are free to publish. By entering you agree having your story published on the Ungagged website and podcast.


Winner will be announced at the beginning of February

2 thoughts on “A Lefty Winter Tale

    1. Hi Douglas,

      As above, you retain all rights to your work, so if you wanted to submit your story elsewhere simultaneously that’s fine with us (some other competitions and anthologies insist on first electronic rights though, so submitting with us and appearing on our site may exclude you from those).
      If you wish to submit a piece to us, you have to get permission from other copyright holders- writers or artists whose work you’ve used in your submission- and we’ll gladly split the prize between you. Just make sure both authors names appear in the submission when you send it.

      Any other questions I’ve not answered here, drop an email to the address in the post and I’ll do my best to help.
      – V

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