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Laura Lundahl

Laura Lundahl

Laura Lundahl holds an American passport, but her heart belongs with the UK and Europe. She has a master’s degree from King’s College London in European politics, and hopes to return to the country she loves once the Tories and their immigration policies have gone.

The stereotypical youth voter in 2008, Laura nearly had to drop out of university because she was so involved with the Obama campaign. She has since managed campaigns against the immoral American healthcare system, as well as against the Capitalist greed that forces American university students to take on impossible amounts of debt. Most recently, she has focused her energy on immigrant rights on both sides of the Atlantic following several very personal experiences with the consequences of strict immigration policies.

Laura also believes in the importance of travel, having been to all fifty American states and nearly forty countries before the age of 30. She has also lived in four states, and four countries, and speaks three languages (one of which is a West African language). Her favorite place she has lived is London, as the diversity of that city allows a person to travel the world without leaving their street. Though rural Alaska is a close second – the mountains are stunning.

In her downtime, Laura is always on the lookout for a pub quiz or a new hiking spot, and she’d like to say a good read from her local library but as the Millennial she is, the phone screen tends to be too much of a distraction. Her guilty pleasures are “The Bachelor” and Taco Bell, or when she is in the UK, “First Dates” and Greggs.

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