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Cuppa Minute Interview – Francesca Testen

Francesca Testen, aka The History Twins


What’s your name?

Francesca Testen

Where are you from?

Outside Washington D.C.

What do you do?

I create comics, write fiction and non-fiction. I will be a freshman at the Univeristy of Glasgow in the fall studying history. I also pilot motor coaches and collect dog waste.

What’s your fave color?


Who is your fave politician?

Victor Emmanuel II (because he is a smart dresser whose facial hair resembles a majestic peregrine falcon in flight)

What was your fave political moment?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

And your worst political moment?

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

What’s your fave meal?

Rare steak, potatoes lyonnaise with hollandaise sauce, and green beans

Song that gets you up and going?

Words Fell Down by Kim Wilde

What would your superpower be?

flight and the ability to emit noxious odors (a power I have currently mastered) 😬

FT 🙂

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