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Nathália Urban

Nathália Urban

Nathália Urban, is a Brazilian immigrant (not an expat) that lives in Scotland since 2014.

Nathália learned the principles of feminism during the first years of her life thanks to her Grandma and her Great Aunties, and have always fought to have her voice heard, that’s why she studied social science and communications in Brazil.

She’s very proud of her heritage, her paternal family is Portuguese and went to Brazil running away from the hunger and fear imposed by the dictator Antonio Salazar, and her maternal Great Grandpa was communist rebel.

After many years researching inside the walls of universities about gender, sexuality and politics, she decided that she could do more and started to actively participate of political groups.

One of her goals is to be able to be a voice for the flourishing Latin American community in Scotland. She co-founded The Resist Brazil Scotland, a political group formed by Brazilian women in Scotland, they are raising awareness about the awful social political situation that Brazil is facing right now.

During her free time Nathália likes to spend time with her partner, her 2 dogs Polpetta and Brujo, visiting dog friendly pubs and continually falling in love by her new country.

You can find her on Twitter @FairyS

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