Disarmament Fiction Scotland

Tales of the Gareloch… a post Scottish Independence Black Comedy…

By Acting Strange Theatre Company  Twitter: @ActingStrange .

Indy Live Radio are serialising Acting Strange Theatre Company’s, Tales of the Gareloch. If you have missed any episodes – they are here! Listen to Indy Live Radio Here – https://indylive.radio/

What would have happened to Trident if we’d won the 2014 #Indyref“Tales of the Gareloch” – A murderous post independence black comedy-

Episode 1 “Nukes, baked beans and UHT milk…”


Episode 2 “Babies, American Werewolf, Saltcoats and The Clash…”


Episode 3 “Friends of WMD, Louis 13th, Silver Linings and head banging.”


Episode 4 “Podcasts, money, gaffa-tape, hippies, Brando and UK Subs…”


Episode 5 “Hodder Superheroes, riots and cleaning up…”

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