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Bioma – Feminist Queercore Band

Bioma is a feminist queercore band, founded in 2017. The band arises from the encounter of four women from São Paulo (Brazil), carrying a intersectional feminist speech and libertarian (left-wing, anarchist), anti-rascist, anti-LGBTfobia and anti-CIStemic posture.

Bioma’s lyrics are a direct reflection of what happens in politics as a whole, as well as the band’s personal experiences. Every victory and every defeat is absorbed and can become music.

They will be preforming in post demo show after the XVIII LESBIAN BISEXUAL WALK For visibility in São Paulo. With the motto “The politics of hatred does not represent us: lesbian women and bis, trans and cis, in the same struggle for life and freedom”, the Walk will once again take to the streets of São Paulo, on June 22, thousands of lesbian and bisexual women who resist the whole context of hatred promoted by the current government and show, through their bodies and voices, the strength to fight for rights and freedom.” It will be a gig for free celebrating pride and against Bolsonaro.

Band Members
Baixo: Julia Kaffka
Bateria: Leticia Figueiredo
Guitarra: Mayra Vasconcellos
Vocal: Natália Pinheiro (Natoka)

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