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Talking Sense with Naomi Ages

Our guest this month is Naomi Ages, who is a lawyer and strategist working in climate, sustainability and social justice. She is the Vice Chair of the Global Women’s Caucus of Democrats Abroad (@dawomenscaucus) and the Communications Director for Democrats Abroad Norway (@DemsAbroadNorge). She currently lives in Oslo and when she isn’t trying to master Norwegian or cross country skiing, she can be found dismantling the patriarchy.

Links and further info:
AOC on abortion rights:

Slow Burn Season 7: Roe v. Wade

Coat hanger symbolism and safe self-managed abortion

One Atom of Justice, One Molecule of Mercy, and The Empire of Unsheathed Knives
by Alexandra Rowland

One Atom of Justice, One Molecule of Mercy, and the Empire of Unsheathed Knives – Alexandra Rowland

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