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Amber Poppitt

Amber Poppitt
Amber Poppitt is an aspiring screenwriter and occasional blogger who often finds
herself musing over the rise of the internet’s global influence, the execution of stories
within popular culture, the differing forms of prejudice manifesting within contemporary society, one’s internal psychological landscape and living as a transgender woman in a world still trying to grasp the concept of gender non-conformity.
An avid reader, Amber enjoys both non-fiction and fiction, but is particularly fond of
science fiction, satire, anything Stephen King, history, psychology, politics and
In her spare time, Amber enjoys jogging and walking, and has a love of exploring new
areas and nature routes whilst listening to podcasts.
Amber also enjoys going to the cinema. She will watch anything, reasoning that if it’s
bad, it gives her something to rant and rave about and if it’s good, then it’s money well spent.
Amber describes herself as someone who is politically somewhat naive, yet forever
striving to learn more. She leans pretty far to the left when it comes to her worldviews.
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