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Steve McAuliffe

Steve McAuliffe

Steve McAuliffe was born and raised in South East London, and is a published author, performed playwright and a lover of the poetry and ethos of William Blake.

His writing has appeared in various political and poetical publications to date.
Having left a secondary Modern with little more than 2 O-levels and a comprehensive education in avoiding violence through humour, he finally returned to education in his early 30’s, when he attended Ruskin College in Oxford. Ruskin at that time was a perfect place to hone his political beliefs; there he mixed with veterans of the miner’s strike, plus assorted anarchists, communists and a handful of anarcho-syndaclists. He eventually attained a Master’s Degree in Scriptwriting from Goldsmith’s College in London

All Steve’s writing is fired by a desire for social justice and the idea of individual liberty, as well as an unshakeable belief in the power of the imagination. He says two quotes from William Blake best sum up his philosophy;
‘Imagination is a glimpse of the divine’
‘I must create my own system, or be enslaved by another man’s’

Having written endless plays, and film and TV scripts Steve has recently discovered that the best vehicle for his voice is poetry.

In July he had his first collection of poetry published, entitled:  ‘Thamesmead

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