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Solidarity Catalonia

Even though we sent out hard copies of this letter weeks ago, you can still add your name to the comments here to show support — the political prisoners know where to find them when they are next able to access the Internet.


We watch events unfolding in Catalonia with grave sadness. For democratically elected leaders to be jailed on charges of sedition and rebellion, in 2017, is unconscionable. Such charges have no place in a free, fair and democratic society.

The world has watched in horror as a peaceful, calm and nonviolent symbolic vote was met with shocking levels of brutality from those who are entrusted with public safety and security.  We stand with you now, political differences aside, to lend our voices to the outrage at the indiscriminate use of draconian, fascistic tactics to subvert democracy.

Freedom is fragile, and democracy delicate.  It is the duty of all who value peace, liberty and rule by consensus to guard it against totalitarian regimes who would seek to silence any dissent.

Our thoughts are with you in your incarceration, and with Catalonia as a whole during this turbulent time.

In Solidarity,

The Ungagged Team, our friends, and supporters

Messages of support from our friends and followers on social media:

  • Solidarity from all of us in Plaid Cymru / the Party of Wales – Leanne Wood
  • I stand with the members of the planet who wish greater responsibility and ownership of our choices to be in the hands of the people – the parts of the world we all live in are our “homes” and only nurturing our own homes can allow us to progress as the human race and meet each other as equals. Sadenia – Eddi Reader
  • John Finnie, Green Party, Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP)
  • Councillor Jim Bollan, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland.
  • To defend democracy in Catalonia is to defend it everywhere. Thank you for your support.
    Liz Castro, writer and journalist, Barcelona
  • David McClemont CoConvenor of South Lanarkshire Green Party
  • Catalans for Yes, Scotland
  • It will never be said that you did not try.  It will never be said that we did not witness. It will never be said that the push for a new beginning was not worth every sacrifice. – David McGowran, Independence Live
  • We fully support your dignified stance for freedom and democracy and will do all we can to support you and your goal of Catalan independence. -Kevin Gibney, co-founder of Independence Live the grassroots livestreaming organisation. 
  •  It is not for me to say whether the people of Catalonia should choose independence or not. It is for me to wish you courage in choosing nonviolence, even in the face of provocation. – Alastair McIntosh, Author, Activist, Scotland
  • Your courageous actions are an inspiration to us all and will ultimately succeed. A’ho Maggi Sale
  • John Hird – Ezker Iraultzailea, Euskal Herria – No podreu empresonar tot un poble! Visca Catalunya lliure, republicana i socialista!
  • Craig Bourne, England
  • Michael Scott, student, Scotland
  • Attilla The Stockbroker
  • Graham Campbell, SNP councillor – Springburn/Robroyston Ward and National Campaigns Manager for SNP Socialists
  • We are with you -Brian Quail, Scottish CND
  • Mary Bain Lockhart, Democrat, Socialist, Trade Unionist, Internationalist
  • Mary Ionesco
  • Marie Gray, Yes Blantyre
  • Brian Stevenson, Yes Blantyre
  • Colette Stevenson, Yes Blantyre
  • Russell Bennett, Yes Blantyre
  • Christine Wright, South Lanarkshire Greens
  • Brian Finlay,  South Lanarkshire Greens
  • Jim Stamper, Yes Rutherglen & Cambuslang
  • Colin McKenna
  • In solidarity with the Catalonian people. Standing in support of their right to self-determination – Dave Rendle
  • Alan Digney, Scotland
  • Pauline Goldsmith, Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Heather Mackintosh, Scotland.
  • Jane Lobjoie, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Alan Gibbons, Writer, England.
  • Alicia Mackenzie, Scotland.
  • Their deeds they would shame all the devils in hell. – Drew MacEoghainn, Scotland 
  • Donald Anderson, Scottish Republican Socialist Movement, Scotland
  • Christopher Graham, Scotland, Bikers for Yes
  • Joanne Telfer, Editor of International Green Socialist
  • Dave Coull, Tayside UNITE Community (branch unanimously passed a motion of solidarity with Catalonia.)
  • Walton Pantland, Trade Unionist, Switzerland -Big States have failed to protect their citizens from neoliberalism. People have a right to seek democratic alternatives.
  • Charlie McCarthy, Socialist, Scotland
  • Nathan Lyons, musician, England.
  • Ian Maclellan, Green Party, Scotland.
  • Rikki Reid, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Louise Robertson, Feminist and Peace Activist, Hillfoot, Renton, Scotland,
  • Shantivajra Robertson, Buddhist and Peace Activist, ; Hillfoot, Renton, Scotland
  • Grant Toms, Editor, Scots Independent
  • Tierra y libertad- Sylvia Posadas.
  • Dr M de Santos, Scotland.
  • Carol Cartner O’Donnell, Scotland
  • M.Wojtaszek, Socialist, Scotland.
  • Alan Digweed, Scotland.
  • As in the past, Scotland is with you! – Joe Bone, singer.
  • David Rovics, Singer songwriter, USA.
  • Liz Swan, Socialist Internationalist, Freedom for Catalonia!
  • Philip Kane, Writer and artist, England.
  • It resonates with me at the silence of the EU. a body formed to stop totalitarian rule and war to exist again. They seemed to have forgot their founding principles. It makes me sick to the stomach. Catriona Stevenson, Democrat, Scotland.
  • Good luck and best regards from Scotland.  The true Scottish  (the yes voters) are thinking of you every day. Saor Catalonia, Kind Regards, J Cochrane
  • Hi. What you are being put through is unacceptable on every level. Support and love from Scotland. – Yew Choob Jock Scott
  • Dear Jailed Catalonian leaders,
    On behalf of the people of Punjab, who are striving for their own independence from the artificial state of India, the people of Punjab stand in solidarity with you and fully support your right to self-determination from the Spanish state.
    Mr Harjit Singh
    On behalf of Kesri Lehar
  • To the jailed members of the Catalunya Parliament, My heart is with you .  from Canada – Dianne Richard
  • Margaret Pollock – Stay strong.
    I am from Scotland.
  • Hello,
    My unknown friends and heroes of democracy. I am sorry I cannot write in Catalan language, but I am horrified at what the Spanish government is doing. It seems that Franco is still alive.
    This is very bad, very undemocratic. It is terrible.
    Today I can only send very good wishes to you from Scotland, but when I find what I can do to help, I will do so.
  • The people of the world see you as freedom fighters, the leaders will follow soon #StayStrong -Mark Mcgavin
  • Totally unacceptable to jail politicians for doing their job! Scots are with you and hope you are released soon. – Dianne Smart
  • You either believe in Democracy or you don’t, there are no rules or dependencies & elected representatives of a manifesto voted on fairly are not to blame for enacting that manifesto – keep the faith and God Bless @takeourblueback – John Murray
  • Sending lots of love and best wishes for a speedy release. –Ann
  • I am so sorry for your plight, in 2017 I feel there should or could have been a way for the Authorities to have avoided this. Stay strong ♡ – Norma Ferries
  • Rory Steel, SNP Youth National Vice Convener.
  • David Whitelaw- Stay strong. You have many friends around the world. Flying the Catalonia flag in Inverkip, Scotland.
  • Mark Stuart- This’s reminiscent to the Days of Franco!
  • Derek Mcmillan- With you. Visca Catalunya Lliuvre
  • Gillian Mearns -Thinking of you here in Edinburgh. Stay strong
  • Johan White – ♡
  • Carol Goddard – Hold your heads high we are watching what Spain is doing and Scotlands people for aye are with you. stay strong stay on the path cause it’s a righteous one
  • Kenneth G Coutts – I am impressed with the Catalans under all this pressure from the neoliberal cabal.  Watching events unfolding I can only send my heartfelt best wishes for you all now and for your future in an independent Catalunya.
  • David Cowan- You are all and inspiration for us all.
  • Nadeem Ahmed
  • James T Carroll, Admin Scottish Left Forum.
  • Ashley Edgar, Day Dreamer, Scotland.
  • Alan Smart, musician, Scotland
  • Elaine Wishaw, Edinburgh, Scotland. NO PASARAN!
  • And it’s comin’ yet for aw that. – Nick Durie
  • Gabriel Neil, writer.
  • Lucy Donovan, England
  • Michelle Bell.
  • Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. – Laura Hay, friend of Ungagged
  • Scott MacDonald, Scottish Socialist Party, Scotland.
  • Catriona Grant, Scottish Feminist & Socialist
  • Des Kenny, EIS Equalities Representative, Scotland
  • In solidarity, Jennifer Muir
  • Terence Christie, Scotland.
  •  I stand in solidarity with the people of Catalonia and their right to freedom and justice to choose self determination for Catalonia…my heart goes out to you from Scotland – Anne Gomez
  • John Diment – democracy trapped in the darkness of Franco’s shadow!
  • Alan Wyllie, Activist, Scotland.
  • John Couzin, Scotland.
  • James McGinn, Trades Unionist, Scotland
  • Viure la llibertat, Viure la democrácia i viure Catalunya – Dr Bruce Scott, psychoanalyst, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Once more justice, Freedom and democracy will prevail over fascism. Peace and solidarity from John Gillies, Scotland.
  • Hello friends, I am sending this, but I wish I could do more. I am from Scotland, but I know there are a majority of people in Europe that are horrified by what is happening right now. Our Governments and the EU, do NOT speak for us, and we will not stand by and watch hard earned human rights being trashed. I have written to my local, national and European politicians demanding action, and I hope your ordeal will be over soon. Best Wishes, Stay Strong,  Rick Ferguson
  • Steve Benson Unite the Union.
  • Pauline Bradley, Singer songwriter, Activist, United the Union, Scotland.
  • Tim Spence, Bath.
  • Dr Pauline Nolan, Midlothian, Scotland.
  • Richie Venton SSP national trade union organiser.
  • Liam Mclaughlan, SSP EC member
  • Janet Moxley – South Lanarkshire Green Party
  • Amy Lee Fraioli- Youth Activist
  • Olive Leonard, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Cassie Fox, Musician, London
  • James Mackenzie, Edinburgh.
  •  It would be somewhat arrogant as a citizen of the so-called United States of America to discuss matters of democracy since we are in fact citizens of a corporate oligarchy. However, as a citizen of Planet Earth, I applaud your cause and deplore and condemn the treatment you have received. – Tom Smith of The Merry Jaynz.
  • Democracy is the only way to resolve problems, discussion always outweighs the alternatives. – Brian Reid
  • Beinn Irbhinn, Scottish Socialist activist , China.
  • Ian Sanderson, Tarbert, Argyll.
  • The media may say something else, but in all this you are on the right side of history, and people all over the world know it – Michael Greenwell, Scottish Independence Podcast.
  • In Solidarity, Jen Muir
  • Kath Ramsay, Hawick Scotland.
  • Allan Craig
  • Alarming madness to lock up elected politicians which reinforces lurch to the right in Spain – Bill Newman
  • David Burns, Marshall Chipped
  • Michael Werninck, Marshall Chipped
  • Peter Werninck, Marshall Chipped
  • John Scott
  • We British people who believe in freedom liberty and democracy. Stand and will defend your right to democracy also – Mark
  • Ola’s Kool Kitchen, London
  • Solidarity with Catalonia’s democratic struggle! -Danielle Ni Dhighe
  • Robert Innes Yes Rutherglen & Cambuslang
  • John Kerr Yes Rutherglen & Cambuslang
  • This cannot be left to continue. Stay strong. Our thoughts are with you always. – Cherry Duesbury, Calum Wilmot, Ian Harrington and Kyle Parke of British band Defences
  • Robb Johnston, songwriter, England
  • The people of Catalonia should be free to be architects of their own future. Self determination is a fundamental right and regardless of where you stand on Catalan independence; we all must strongly condemn these deplorable antidemocratic actions by Madrid. I am astounded to hear that Amnesty, an organisation I’ve supported and been a member of for much of my life is turning its back on the Catalan politicans in jail. It is despicable! – Rob McDowall, Member of the Equality Council and Chair of Welfare Scotland.
  • Mullen – Musicians, Australia
  • Erin Slaven,  Scotland

The Ungagged Team:

  • Victoria Pearson, Ungagged Producer, England
  • Neil Scott, Ungagged Producer, Scotland
  • Simone Charlesworth, Ungagged podcaster,
  • Arribará el nostre dia. Mantenir la fe – Chuck Hamilton – Ungagged podcaster
  • Thomas Morris, Ungagged podcaster, England
  • Solidarity fae Scotland, love Red Raiph – Ungagged Podcaster and In-House Artist
  • Derek Stewart Macpherson, Ungagged Podcaster
  • For we, who believe in freedom, true democracy and the vital importance of self-determination, the Catalan struggle extends to all our struggles. Love and solidarity!  – Steve McAuliffe, Ungagged Podcaster
  • Thomas Swann, Leicester Catalonia Solidarity, Ungagged podcaster
  • This is the antithesis of democracy. -Emma Dehaney, Ungagged Podcaster, England
  • Your struggle is a light to us all – Sandra Webster, Ungagged Podcaster, Scotland.
  • Debra Torrance, Ungagged Contributor and Artist, Scotland.
  • Fuad Alakbarov, Human Rights Activist.
  • George Collins, Ungagged Podcaster
  • Ruth Cankudutawin (Red Road Woman) Hopkins, Indian Country Today columnist, Co-Founder & Ungagged contributor
  • Amber Poppitt, Ungagged Podcaster
  • They who chose you to represent them chose well. The trust and strength they placed in you is represented in the stance you take against the injustice of the Spanish authorities give Catalonia and us a certainty that you will see the day of Independence. – John McHarg, Artist, Ungagged Podcaster

Feel free to add your name/message of support in the comments below. 

63 thoughts on “Solidarity Catalonia

  1. Stay strong and focused on the end result of independence for all Catalans, and freedom of choice.
    Love and support from civil independence supporters here in Scotland [X]
    Saor Catalunya
    Best wishes
    Stan Wilson

  2. Together we can build a free Europe on a free Earth. And today, on our continent, the focus of that struggle is the Catalan Republic.
    Solidarity & love ~ Visca Catalunya LLiure!
    Christopher Newcombe, SNP

  3. Visca Catalunya Lluire! #independencia ||★|| ☆彡||*|| 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
    #LibertatJordis #LlibertatPresosPoliticsCatalans
    Jördi McArthur
    Ambaixador Cultural no oficial d’Alba a Catalunya

  4. Thank you so much for your solidarity! We should all stand up for OUR RIGHTS as European Sisters and Brothers! #freedomforpoliticalprisoners! We should organize ourselves!

  5. Visca Catalunya lluire ✊🏼 Freedom for political prisoners and solidarity with all whose rights are being suppressed by the Spanish state! ||*||

  6. Freedom for the Catalan political prisoners who are jailed in Madrid. Freedom for the Catalan President and counselors in Brussels. Freedom from the Spanish totalitarian regime which has no separation of powers and uses unjust means to fine and imprison those who they don’t agree with by forbidding free speech, human and civil rights. Fasiscm is rampant in the Spanish central government. Lies, bribes, corruption, use of force, threats and abuse of power is not democracy.

  7. Visca la República Catalana!
    Liberté pour la République Catalane !
    Solidarity for self-determination and democracy!

  8. You are on the right side of history. I trust that all your political prisoners will soon be free, as will Catalonia.

  9. My wish is that democracy and justice prevail. This is truly a nightmare and I hope Europe comes to its senses. Per la pay I la justicia!

  10. Standing up for true democracy in an honourable and dignified way ………making history for the right reasons …. Scotland shares your journey ……. Saor Catalunya

  11. In solidarity with Catalonia and knowing the political prisoners will be free. Horrified at what has happened in the “Free World” to try to suppress peaceful people. Blessings to you all tor the violence and indignities you have had to endure. Shona Davidson, Winnipeg, Canada

  12. There is an urgent need for negotiation and dialogue to resolve the current difficulties in Catolonia. It is also very important that the voices of civic society organisations such as Trade Unions are heard during any talks to resolve the current difficulties

  13. It stinks that democracy is increasingly under threat. I fully support the elected leaders of Independent Catalonia and they should be freed immediately. For democracy, for my children and grandchildren- and for yours.

  14. Thank you for your bravery and the courage of your convictions in stranding for your beliefs.

  15. Hoping this doesn’t last long. Thinking of all of you! Democracy doesn’t mean jailing people you don’t agree with. We’re all with you.

  16. Catalonia and Catalans are exceptional inspiring examples of persistence, and unwavering, creative, courageous movement toward building a Democracy. Never give up. I completely support your work to become an independent state of Catalonia. Stay Strong. With love from the United States.

  17. We support you and are disgusted with the way Catalonians have been treated during and after election. Hope soon you are all released and freedom prevails..x

  18. As a native Texan and someone that lived in Barcelona for years….I supported the cause then and I support it now….Sempre endavant mai morirem…..Stay strong…..Richard Chapman

  19. Friends & comrades, I live in Scotland and proudly flew the Catalan flag along with my Scottish Saltire on the day of your referendum ! As we in Scotland strive for our Independence, we support you and the people of Catalonia in yours. The way the Spanish authorities are treating you is a disgrace, and the lack of action from the EU is just as bad. Be assured that there are brothers & sisters in Scotland wishing you and your country well, and supporting you and sending you our thoughts & prayers
    You will win – we will win, and what celebrations we will have when both our countries break free of the chains which hold us
    Keep safe, keep well & take care

  20. Respect to the dignity and beautiful inventiveness of Catalonia’s determination in creating a peaceful democratic independent country. An example to Wales who hopes to follow in your footsteps. Rhyddid.
    Sharon Morgan Actor and writer

  21. Nina (Cornelia) Kammerer, anthropologist and public health researcher, United States of America: Every person and government that values democracy should be supporting the right of the people of Catalonia to decide their future. The association-based, peaceful, festive, and energetic independence movement, which has become stronger and stronger since 2009, is a massive and democratic grassroots effort that spans the political spectrum from center-right to left and the immense diversity of the people of Catalonia – in terms of age, gender, maternal language, place of origin, religion, refugee and immigrant status, length of residence, and more. It provides us all with a model for massive and peaceful civil society engagement across diversity to shape a better future. Unlike the United Kingdom with respect to Scotland, Spain has denied Catalonia the possibility of a legal referendum and has refused all requests for dialogue. I urge international oversight and protection for a referendum, which, unlike that of October 1, 2017, would not be met by state violence against the citizenry. I support the right of the voters of Catalonia to decide their future and urge others to as well. I also urge the European Union and my own country to work to secure the release of the imprisoned leaders of the two major civil society associations of the independence movement and duly elected representatives of the Government of Catalonia and the rescinding of the charges against them and against President Puigdemont and other government officials now in Brussels. The vitality of democracy matters to us all!

  22. Nord-americana de naixement, Catalana de cor. Visca la República Catalana lliure i democràtica!!!
    U.S.-citizen anthropologist and sometime-Casteller de Poble Sec, have lived and worked in Catalunya for stretches since 2009. The current Spanish coup will never defeat Catalunya’s inclusive nationalism and commitment to justice and welcome for all in the Republic.

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