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12 Days of Christmas- Day 10

On the 10th day of Christmas,  Ungagged are asking you to suport a cause.


“But wait, isn’t that just the same as ‘Support a Charity’ from the other day?” I hear you cry. Well, no. There are lots of causes that aren’t linked to charities, which desperately need our support.

This doesn’t have to be financial, there are many causes, such as the #FreeJaggi campaign or the #JusticeForTerrell campaign really need you to contact your representatives and keep talking about them on social media to keep their cases on top of the priority pile.

Smaller groups trying to make a difference, like Masato Beanies rely on free word of mouth advertising through social media for their buy one, give one campaign to give hats to homeless people, and they always need new people to knit for their #scarfathon and #mittenmission

There’s always something we can do – whether that’s a donation, rolling our sleeves up to get involved, or even just sending a tweet – it all adds up. Have a search for a cause that resonates with you today and together we can make a difference.

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