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12 Days of Christmas – Day 3

On the third day of Christmas we suggest another win-win way to make the world a slightly better place…


We’ve all had those gifts that are thoughtful and appreciated, but are just not you. From the bath set from the kind aunt who doesn’t know about your super-sensitive skin, the nice cosy jumper that’s two sizes too small, yet another body butter you won’t use, or a third duplicate of a toy your child isn’t quite that into.

And then there’s the Christmas food. You know, all the nibbles that you never even got round to opening, the breadsticks you were sure you’d need, the 7 boxes of chocolates you were given, the 4 tubes of Pringles no one even looked at.

Suddenly the house seems full of stuff – stuff you don’t need, cluttering the house up, gathering dust. After the gluttony of Christmas day, a clear out can be the best way to balance.

Contact your local domestic violence shelter and ask if they’d be able to use your unwanted gifts. Christmas often sees a rise in people, often with children, fleeing their homes, usually with little to no possesions. Your unwanted gift from your kind but clueless uncle could be a little bit of hope for someone who has had an awful Christmas.

Then pack up all your unopened food and take it down to your local foodbank. People don’t just need feeding on Christmas Day, and donations often drop off after the Christmas period. Besides, it’ll make sticking to your New Year diet a lot easier if all that yummy stuff isn’t in the house.

There, doesn’t that feel better? I bet your place is looking loads less cluttered with stuff, and you feel all warm inside.

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