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12 Days of Christmas- Day 7

Happy new year! Here’s a nice, simple task to make the transition into 2018 easier.


Be kinder. So simple, yet so often elusive, it seems. But over Christmas it was easy, wasn’t it? Most of us tried our best to be kinder during the Christmas period – and not just because Santa may be watching. The festive season is a time to be joyful and try to spread a bit of good cheer – but is there any reason we can’t extend that throughout the year?

Let’s make a collective resolution to be kinder in 2018 – to smile at people in the street, to put your neighbour’s wheelie bin out if you see they’ve forgotten,  to be extra polite to retail staff. It might seem like a very small way you make the world a better place, but if we all did it, the effect would be huge.

#KindnessChallenge2018 – I think we could start a trend.

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