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12 Days of Christmas- Day 6

Can you believe we are halfway through our 12 Days of Christmas already? Today’s small act will cost you nothing but time, but could make all the difference to someone’s wellbeing.


It can be hard to admit when you are feeling lonely,  and Christmas can be one of the loneliest times of the year.

Have a think about people you might not have heard much from over the festive period. Is there anyone in your social circle that has been quiet over Christmas and might be feeling lonely? Are there elderly or disabled people in your neighbourhood who might not have been able to get out over the Christmas period?  Have you noticed any neighbours who haven’t had any visitors and might be feeling alone? Is there a new-ish neighbour in your area you keep meaning to say hello to, but haven’t quite got round to it?

Now is the ideal time to pop in with all the leftover Celebrations and Mince Pies (after all, your diet starts tomorrow, right?) – it could make all the difference to someone’s state of mind. The Christmas/Hogmany/New Year period is very difficult for some people – a friendly chat with you could help get them through it. And you may well start 2018 with a new friend. Yet another win-win small act of kindness for the 12 Days of Christmas.

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