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On this episode we’ll be hearing from Chuck Hamilton on neoliberal political organisations, Veronika Tudhope will be talking about the 60th anniversary of the CND, Debra Torrance tells us about her wee dug, pet insurance, health insurance and the NHS, and Derek Stewart Macpherson will be talking about Burns Night and Australia/Invasion Day.

George Collins will be reviewing the claims of economic recovery since 2008 and how ordinary people feel disconnected from such claims, Neil Scott will be talking radical music, Mhairi Hunter will be giving her view on smacking, safe consumption of drugs, and OBFA, Red Raiph tells us about the brilliant work of Beanies_Masato.

Sandra Webster will be give her personal perspective on the devestating effect of the closure of the children’s hospital in Paisley,  Renfrewshire and the impact that will have on children with special needs,  Catriona Stevenson will be talking about Scottish Outdoor Access and land reform, Gerry Mulvenna will be talking about the Catalonia letter writing campaign, and a representative from The Anti-Repression forum will be speaking about their forum in Edinburgh.


With music from Voicex, The Wakes, Gerry Mulvenna, Girobabies Steve McAuliffe & The Mighty Ur, Joe Bone and the Dark Vibes  Gallo Rojo, Andrea Heins, Gallows Circus, Phat Bollard , Ms Mohammed, and The Baby Seals


With thanks to Neil Anderson and Victoria Pearson

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