Corridors and doors; strip-lighting; more corridors; fast-walking, important walking. Blake was escorted at top-speed. Blake was on his way to see God. They led him into a bullet-shaped capsule then followed him in… Whoosh of doors. The windows were tinted thus Blake could not see out. He knew they were travelling at great speed […]

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Activists and Objectors, Resisters, Rebels, Ranters, and Rascals.

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean On this episode, introduced by Neil Scott, Damanvir Kaur will be giving us an update on Bapu Surat Singh’s hunger strike and also updating us on the #FreeJaggi  campaign, Catriona Stevenson will be here to talk about missing historical documents and Teresa Durran will be talking about small acts of resistance,  and why they are […]

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Catriona Stevenson

Catriona is a tour guide who started a group called the Scottish History Police, flagging discrepancies in the historical accounts and plaques at our historic properties and places of cultural significance. Although born in South Africa to British parents, she grew up in the town of Greenock in the shadow of fallen industry and severe […]

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12 Days of Christmas -Day 12

It’s the 12th day of Christmas.  The decorations are coming down, epiphanies have been reached, wise men have delivered unwise gifts. You’ve made it through the festive season unscathed for another year and we can all take a huge sigh of relief. Christmas is hard work for lots of people. Even if you aren’t one […]



Sara sat in the clinic. She looked at the pretend smiling faces and their intake of Breathe  as they realised her class. She had grown up with this, it had became law when she was a baby. The smell depended on your designated class. This had affected her all her life. Her teachers, her classmates […]