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12 Days of Christmas -Day 12

It’s the 12th day of Christmas.  The decorations are coming down, epiphanies have been reached, wise men have delivered unwise gifts. You’ve made it through the festive season unscathed for another year and we can all take a huge sigh of relief.


Christmas is hard work for lots of people. Even if you aren’t one of the many people who struggles with their mental health, difficult emotional triggers of the season, addiction issues or are one of the annual surge of couples whose relationship couldn’t take another Christmas,  the chances are you’ve spent much of the festive season shopping, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, decorating, undecorating, washing up, fending off illness, all while doing your usual housework and day job and generally putting everyone else first.

You matter as well, you know. How can you help to build a better world if you’re exhausted and run down? How can you care for others if you’re not on top form yourself? Looking after yourself isn’t selfish. It’s not indulgent. It isn’t spoiled. Looking after yourself is an essential part of your role in building our utopia.

So today, do whatever you need to do to feel refreshed, rebalanced, and fighting fit. Whether you need to take a bubble bath while eating the last of the Quality Street you hid from the kids, take a long run where you can plug into your music and unplug from the world, sit in a pile of blankets and sob through a trashy film or spend a whole day on a hobby you enjoy – take the time to do that today. That’s an order.

And if you are struggling with something a bit of self-care won’t fix, perhaps today is the day to reach out for support. Whether that’s through your family, your friends, social media mates, or organisations set up to support people, tell someone you are struggling today. It’s ok not to be ok. It takes strength and courage to admit when things aren’t going well, but you are braver than you realise.


Happy new year from the Ungagged team – We hope 2018 is kind to you all.

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