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Cuppa Minute Interview with Jamie Szymkowiak

Jamie Szymkowiak

What is your name?

Jamie Szymkowiak


Where do you come from?

Born in Glasgow; grew up in Mississippi, Iceland, California and Sicily (military brat) before returning to Dunoon, in Argyll, when I was 13.


What do you do?

Disability rights activist, children’s book writer and international recruiter.


What is your favourite colour?



Who is your favourite politician ever?

Tough question – I don’t think I have a ‘favourite politician ever’ as such but if we were to look at activists, I think I will go with Rosa Parks. As a disabled rights activist, I take inspiration from other movements and Rosa demonstrated incredible courage and determination in a hostile environment. Plus, it goes to show that non-violent acts of civil disobedience are sometimes necessary when fighting for your rights.


What is your favourite political moment?

The Berlin Wall coming down. I remember my teacher at the time returning from Germany a few weeks later and he brought a piece of the Wall to class with him. He spoke of the significance with such passion that it always stands out as an important moment in political history.


What was the worse political moment?

Brexit. I hate everything about it.


What is your favourite meal?

It’s hard to beat a good spaghetti bolognaise.


What song gets you up and going?

My recent Spotify would tell you Dua Lipa or The Weeknd but it’s definitely just about anything by Michael Jackson.


If you were a superhero what would your powers be?

Oh, that’s easy. Flying. 100%.

Meeting on the other side of town and the bus is late? Doesn’t matter – I can fly.

Traffic on the M8 a nightmare? No worries – I can fly.

Can’t reach the jar of pickles on the top shelf? Not all flights are long haul…

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