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Ungagged Cuppa Minutes – Sharon Martin

Only got 5 mins for a coffee break? No problem! Check out our 2 minute interview with…Sharon Martin 

Name: Sharon Martin

Come fae: Clarkston in Glasgow Southside

What do you do: Singer/Songwriter

Fav Colour: Green because of the beautiful green rolling hills and landscape of Scotland.

Favourite Politician: I have to say my mucker Hannah Bardell MP…or else she’d skelp me! Ha. Seriously though, I know how passionate Hannah is about her job and her constituency. She genuinely cares and wants to make a fundamental, positive difference in the lives of others. Her heart on her sleeve. She is passionate about women’s rights too which is something we very much have in common. I also like Alison Thewliss and Ash Denham. Both intelligent, hard working women standing up for those without a voice.

Fav political moment: The end of the television debate where Nicola, Leeann and Natalie group hugged as Farage and Milliband stood there like a pair of spare parts. Total mutual respect and Girl Power.

Worst political moment: The vote recently to take away the free school meals was upsetting but I won’t rant too much…Jamie Oliver’s response sums up my feelings also. You don’t take from the kids, no matter how much you think it’s saving. They are the future.

Favourite meal: My mum makes the best soup in the world so a bowl of that with crusty bread and I’m sorted.

Song to get up and going: Little Bird, Annie Lennox

Superhero power: Mind control would be good. I’d get everyone behaving themselves 😉

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