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Dam disaster in Brazil

Reporter: Nathália Urban

After Friday’s (25th Jan) environmental tragedy in Brazil were a dam used by the mining company Vale S.A collapsed and flooded toxic mud in a huge area, including the indigenous community of the Naô Xohã. Due to the tragedy, one of their members the indigenous activist Maybí Nytnawã wrote a poem showing how deeply the tragedy affected her.


Too much salt In the river Paraopeba,
We are indigenous Children of Mother Earth
We will not let them Kill it

The Paraopeba River
Will no longer be a victim.
From the white man’s greed
And neither from Vale S.A

Children of Mother Earth
Let’s save
The Paraopeba River

Long life
Naô Xohã

Naô Xohã
Daughter of
Paraopeba River

Maybí Nytnawã Maytü Maxakali – Indigenous Activist

(Pictured Above)


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