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The Scottish Black Sheep

Another insightful article from Beinn Irbhinn.

From Chernobyl to Covid-19

Beinn Irbhinn looks at the similarities between Chernobyl and Covid-19.


Covid-19 Vs The Walking Dead

Beinn Irbhinn explores the effects of Covid-19 on collectivism, individualism and the Neo-Liberal assault on Britain since Thatcher.


Beinn Irbhinn discusses how Covid-19 is being dealt by Neo-Liberal Capitalism now & it’s effect for the future in Covid-19, Toilet Paper and American Hegemony

George Collins (Ungagged team member) has written this piece. Grounds for Divorce: The European Union After COVID 19. As the coronavirus pandemic tests the will of the EU to survive, progressives must use this opportunity to advocate for a more equitable EU in a multi-polar world.


Statement from SNP Socialists on  Covid-19 



From our own Val Waldron and article titled “A Blank Page” described as “Re-writing Normality after Coronavirus”.

Having gone through lockdown in China, Beinn Irbhinn offers some advice for his fellow Scots. This is Beinn’s Covid-19 story so far

Isolation Policy Too Late For Some, As Pandemic Warnings Were Not Taken Seriously says Rachael Horwitz

A Call For Solidarity: Community Support For The Tollcross Community Action Network Amidst The Covid-19 Outbreak Amidst the panic buying and uncertainty, many organisations continue to provide vital frontline support. Luke Campbell (@ChainUpTheSwing) details Tollcross Community Action Network’s Community Hub – Foodbank partnership and praises Living Rent for rallying a major working class victory.

Luke Campbell, the author, is inspired by Paulo Freire… much as Ungagged is.


Citizens Prove That Scotland Is A Left Wing Nation says Scott Bevan

A Bus-Load of Hypocrisy by John McHarg

“The £350 million a week to the NHS on the side of the bus lying bastard Tories. Now standing as the bastion of social responsibility and compassion because a microscopic wee virus has come along and made the World and them realise you can’t get out of this one without mass responsibility.”


Val Waldron reflects on the need to get us all back onto  a very different track, once we’re through the dark tunnel. Read more [here]


Debra Torrance has emailed some of her political representatives on “Online ordering during isolation”. Read it HERE. 26th March 2020

Image from PYMST.COM

Here is an article from Ungagged Team member and regular contributor Beinn Irbhinn who is currently living and working in China. Covid 19 And Journalism #BuildBackBetter.

“Here in China, COVID-19 has changed the conversation about journalism. We need a similar shift in attitudes back in the UK. #BuildBackBetter”… more HERE 26th March 2020


Another Ungagged regluar is Teresa Durran she has written a poem, Plait. 26th March 2020.


A short tribute to a local hero, from Debra Torrance


“Yesterday at 1.15, My friend (Ungagged Collective member) Deborah Sanderson sang in gratitude to the NHS doctor’s and nurses from a hospital balcony in Glasgow. She sang 1940 and 50s songs to show her thanks and gratitude to the staff who saved her life twice and are working all hours in these coronavirus times.”

Neil Scott contemplates the tragedy of those losing loved ones, and begins thinking about how we Build Back Better. Follow him on Twitter @nwScotty


More music this time from Steve White and the Protest Family. Check out all his songs, there’s many but he has also written one very day since lockdown Difficult to chose which one to post here, but have gone for ‘Charlie’s got the virus’. Have a chuckle. Follow him on Twitter @realstevewhite


A written piece from Scott S Bevan – Corona Life Status. Thursday 26th March 2020. Follow him on Twitter @ScrapTheCurfew

Maybe we should change the title of this page now to include music, here’s Pauline Bradley with one of her insightful songs. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel – Pauline Bradley Sound Inspirations. And follow her on Twitter @PaulineBradley8


From Ungagged’s own Debra Torrance, follow her on Twitter @FewArePict


Another of the Ungagged Team, Neil Anderson. Follow him on Twitter @BikerNeil



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