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The UK Episode 2022

By Anonopunk

Fascinating series,
though not an easy watch.
Strictly adult viewing
especially the party shots.
They’re deborched, corrupting
and obscene
and really it should all have
been wound up
In september 2014

This weeks episode is called
‘Except for viewers in Scotland.’
Something big has been
happening down south
according to the review.
The place is covered in red white and blue
There’s a huge mob scene, all frenzied and
foaming at the mouth
and shots of bunting
all the way to the Tweed.
Cut to Scotland
and there’s
only tumbleweed

There’s a clip of
The poisonous toad who plays the PM
getting cheered on bbc news.
That’s odd, I’d heard
it was supposed to be boos.
Here comes prince Charles
bedecked in ribbons and gongs.
He’s saying there’s
one for each time someone called his brother a nonce.

Now some skit about
Paddington and the queen
and something bizarre about toasted bread.
But talking of refugees,
Noones mentioning Rwanda
and they say irony is dead!

Oh wait, now there’s some development in this ridiculous story
The crowd outside are still
singing land of hope and glory
but the poisoned toad has only just
won some sort of trial.
How can anyone have
confidence in a creature so vile.

Pritti Vacant, the Lounge Lizard
and Nadine the mad yin are all
Shouting Toad!
There’s sniffing, snorting snuffling, braying and bleating from the troughers and the coked.
Toad is pushing for PM and MP punishing legislation to be revoked.

I’m watching this from behind the sofa, the credits are rolling thank goodness it’s over. Next week’s trailers show opposition, cabinet and back bench attempted coups.
I need something more relaxing now.
Thank goodness, next up the news!

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