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The Fears of a Trans Woman By Amber Roberts

As a Trans Woman, I am terrified to join the current campaign in the by-election for an Edinburgh City Councillor in Corstorphine; I am terrified of leaving my house and when I do, I am deeply afraid that I will not return home again, because of the high level of hate against Trans People. And I know I’m not alone in this fear and many people all around the world are feeling the exact same way.

And whilst I am terrified and I do everything I can to protect myself, I will continue to fight and campaign for everyone to have equal rights and if that brings about my death as a result then so be it. But I won’t be silent, I won’t back down and I certainly will not accept it when people like Joanna Cherry, Ash Regan and Kate Forbes continue to stand up for tearing away the rights of people like me I was in tears as I said this to my branch and I feel that it is highly important that my tears of fear and sadness are shown to send home just how bad things are to anyone and everyone who don’t usually see it.

Two months ago I was in tears of joy as the Scottish Parliament passed the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, today I am in tears of terror because of the high level of hate towards people like me.

Amber Roberts

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