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Election Balls…

by Willie Millars Moustache…

It is quite a feat for the tories to take everyone by surprise, including themselves but they managed it. I assumed the thieving bastards would hang on to January to squeeze the very last penny out of the public purse and plant as many landmines and bear traps as possible. But it seems the wee shit just gave up, has had enough and helicoptered himself to the palace to ask the guy in the magic hat for permission to do a democracy.

So we now embark on a 6 week festival of relentless, trite, imbecilic, cynical, underhand and filthy shenanigans and bullshitting. The upside will be it will finally end this strobing psychedelic kaleidoscopic decade and a half of the most intensive and damaging tory fuckery, since their previous stint under Thatcher. The downside is not only have we had to wait 14 years.We’ve had to endure 250,000 plus deaths from covid. At least 100,000 from austerity driven changes to the benefits and the societal safety net. The systematic degradation of the public estate from transport to the NHS to justice and policing. Our politics poisoned, the connection and trust between people and state severed, probably fatally. Papped out of the EU and still pretending it’s fine, our rights diminished, devolution gelded, the cost of living enormous, our economy fucked and our reputation in the world in the gutter.

But this was still not enough. Labour are in a commanding lead but on top of the 14 years and litany of disasters and crimes against the population. Labour have adopted the majority of the tories policies, shifted so far to the right they are standing next to Farage and promised to actually change fuck all. Nada.

No electoral reform. No rapprochement with the EU. No restoration of devolution. Hee-haw to combat poverty. The same insane performative and self-harming cruelty on immigration. Some ludicrous shite about anti-social behaviour and the continued degradation of our right to protest, vote or if you are trans to exist and so on and on.

This is the reality of the Westminster rebranding operation currently underway. A sham. A potemkin democracy. And all the while shouting change while never being asked to explain what? And how? In Scotland Anas Sarwar will say he supports the EU. Scotland’s right to choose. Scrapping the 2 child cap. Devolution. Immigration. Trans rights. PR in Westminster. Scrapping the Lords etc. But he doesn’t get to choose his own socks. And the 2 current Labour MPs Ian Murray and Michael Shanks have and always will do exactly as they are told and follow the whip as they have done so far, without exception. And so will any more Scotland is daft enough to elect.

If that’s what you want. Scottish MPs used as ballast in whatever it is Reeves, Streeting and Starmer are up to. Then fine. But it’s not change. It’s not sending people to stand up for Scotland. It’s not Scotland sending a government. It’s Scotland propping up an English one.

A new government yes, But one that has been absolutely explicit in its intent to do nothing Scotland wants except bin the monsters we didn’t elect and that have done so much harm.

Well that’s not enough and you can do that and so much more by voting for the SNP.

Which what I shall be doing.

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