Ungagged Team



IndependenceLive.net is an alternative new media outlet based primarily around livestreaming. Livestreaming is basically video but live. It is unedited and starts from when the red button is pressed and captures everything within range until the stream ends. A video is always saved that can be watched back later but unlike edited productions livestreaming brings with it an inherent honesty and at IndependenceLive.net, honesty is a core value.

Originally called ‘Scottish Independence Live Events’, the group started out when two friends Kevin Gibney and Derek McLean took the decision to try a livestream of a local independence event in Shawlands, Glasgow using a newly acquired iPad. The idea was to see if live feed produced a more effective user interaction and widened participation in the event. It did and straight away the simplicity of the idea had the guys hooked. The team of two in 2013 became a team of nearly 20 in 2014 with a steady core remaining strong to this day as different volunteers feed in from all around with varied contributions.

The flat collective structure of the team allows for contributors to join with no obligations of time or efforts beyond what they set for themselves. Each operator takes responsibility for their own gear and volunteers to stream whatever they can make it down to. An online chat helps with ideas, mainly from social media and also through contact from event organisers to know what’s on and what might be of value to the YES community. Many events are pro independence but many more are about how we achieve a better society and IndependenceLive.net have covered a wide range of topics including land reform, housing reform, green energy and various equal rights / social justice events.

IndependenceLive.net have covered various conferences from RIC to the SNP, marches, rallies and even international events like the election of Syriza in Greece and the 27S referendum in Catalunya. Interviews have become a popular addition to the content and once again the team are back with new studio premises where those with a unique insight on matters can join us and share their vision. Outside of the studio the team also make best use of Skype and bring guests in from all over the globe for the truly international outlook.

What we ultimately aim to do is to widen participation in the YES movement and Scottish politics in general. We maintain that the only true democracy is a participative and informed democracy where there is an ongoing dialogue at a grassroots level not only about how and by whom we wish to be governed but also about identifying existing problems in our society and collaborating on how we can best implement the solutions.

Now here’s how you can help. New alternative media has no distribution network. You are the distribution network. You have your share of the work to do here. Our materials travel no further than where you share them. Use your social media. Our archive is extensive and in each online discussion or debate there is an appropriate livestream of ours that you can use to punctuate and illustrate your point. Place our materials in appropriate places where people can use them to widen their understandings. Place them in accidental places where people can discover the value of the resource to them and their research. You must be that link in the chain. We also have costs and pay for a premium livestreaming platform account so do look out for our crowdfunds when they happen.

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