Twenty one

We have the vote, the right to drive, contraceptive choices and more choices with regards to our education and employment prospects than ever before, so we are often told that feminism is no longer necessary in the UK; the battle has been won. We are equal now, ladies, time to put our feet up and […]

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Beinn Irbhinn

Beinn Irbhinn (anglicised: Ben Irvine) is a Scottish socialist, originally from Greenock. He is known in Greenock for his activity while a member of the SSP, where he campaigned for the socialist case for Scottish independence, as well as being vocal on issues such as fuel poverty in Inverclyde and strongly opposing Inverclyde Council’s insidious […]

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Frank Waln

Photo by Tomas Karmelo Amaya Frank Waln is an award winning Sicangu Lakota Hip Hop artist, producer, and performer from the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. A recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship, Waln attended Columbia College Chicago where he received a BA in Audio Arts and Acoustics. Waln’s awards include three Native American Music […]

Campaigns Northern Ireland Scotland


Sectarianism is defined as: ‘Bigoted or narrow minded in following the doctrines of one’s sect’ (Oxford English Dictionary) and in Scotland has traditionally been viewed through the prism of disputes between members of the Protestant and Catholic communities. Nil by Mouth (NBM) is a Scottish charity which seeks to challenge sectarianism wherever it manifests itself […]

Campaigns Feminism Human Rights


Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre is a detention centre in Bedfordshire. It is usually described as being a place to detain failed asylum for women and families who havent commited a crime, prior to deportation, but around 2 thirds of detainees are usually granted asylum. Its occupants are primarily women and families, many of whom […]

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Sporting Hero

Sporting Hero  relocated from Belfast to Manchester where he released his own EP, Calendar on  Switchflicker Records. He later moved up to Scotland and collaborated with Roy Møller  on tracks from his debut album, ‘Speak When I’m Spoken To’. He is a guitarist and pianist with The Parsonage choir, band leader in The Gracious Losers […]

Campaigns Disarmament


As virulent capitalism charges around the world, claiming righteously that their crushing and obliterating lives is just the unfortunate collateral of the “other side,” organisations across the Globe campaign against the murderous arms trade. We have witnessed the horrors of what capitalism, in its for-profit, resource grab, has done in the Middle East – and […]

Campaigns Environment


If you’ve been following along with Ungagged’s Activist Advent, you’ll recall that behind door number four we talked about the water protectors in North Dakota desperately fighting to keep their drinking water safe from contamination. We support that cause because we agree that water is life. What you may other now is that here in the […]