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‘Back in 2009 I was asked by Chris Monk if I wanted to do some solo gigs supporting the Damned and the Alarm. Having not really thought of it before and after initial worries, I decided to give it a go. It was great and I loved it! Fast forward a few years and Jim […]

Ungagged Team

Em Dehaney

  Em Dehaney is a mother of two, a writer of fantasy and a drinker of tea. Born in Gravesend, England, her writing is inspired by the dark and decadent history of her home town. She is made of tea, cake, blood and magic. Her poem ‘Here We Come A-Wassailing’ is in the Christmas anthology […]


At the Beetle Supper

  At the Beetle Supper My ankles itch. Crack! The black shells pop like champagne corks at every table. Feeling sick, I look for cover. There’s none. Something shattered flops with six legs waving. I ask for an alternative. The waiter tells me, “No, the country’s free but this is all you get”. “Don’t argue”, […]



  Rat When it came into our cellar, the rat brought fear with it, fear that lingers even though the rat itself is long dead, poisoned by the blue pellets that we fed to it. Like the burglar that came the year before, we thought we might have glimpsed it once or twice in the […]


The King Is Mad

The King Is Mad The king is mad. The queen bears his children like a malady. It would be a simple solution, were she to eat them before they grow into their own madness. She does not. She lets them scamper about, small birds that twitter and fret in every corner of the palace. The […]

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From No to Yes

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean The Ungagged team give their view on the Scottish Referendum, Brexit, George Galloway, the Unite elections and much, much more! If you enjoy Ungagged – please help us meet costs by donating the price of a cuppa via Paypal HERE On this episode, hosted by Neil Scott, we’ll have Christopher […]