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12 Days of Christmas- Day 9

On the 9th Day of Christmas Ungagged are bringing the focus back to your local community.


Another nice easy one to do today,  and it really will make at least your little corner of the world a nicer place.

Wherever you are going today, whether you’re off to work or to the shops, on the school run, or even just taking a little walk down your street, take a bag with you and pick up any rubbish you see lying about the place. It doesn’t matter that it’s not your rubbish, it’s your community.

This is another of those small acts that can have a large impact. You won’t only be improving the look and feel of your community, and reducing the impact of human wastefulness on your local wildlife, but you may also inspire others to do the same, or shame litterers  into taking their trash home for recycling in future. Either way you’ll get to go to bed tonight knowing you did a good thing.

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