Winter Writing Competition Winner – The Forgotten

Our remit for the competition was;

“We are open to stories from any genre, and any variation on the theme, just like with our podcast contributions. But, again like the podcast, we are more interested in stories with a political, utopian or dystopian edge, stories about society, and stories about mankind; who we are, who we could be, and who we will become if we aren’t very careful…”

Benny Allan is our winner and congratulations to him.

He used the title of The Forgotten and created a story that certainly satisfied every criteria we set…

Benny’s story starts;

“Your name is Charlie Southwark and today you’re breaking rules. With you, a bunch of people sharing the same, daily thirty-minute bus ride to work.

Bodies so intertwined you can sniff all-day-fresh rolling stick deodorant and a whiff of cigarettes passengers puffed before hopping on. One big smelly mess travelling forty miles per hour.”

Have a listen and see what happens next…

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