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From Chernobyl to Covid-19

Browsing social media recently I came across one blogger who claimed that Covid-19 will be America’s Chernobyl. That seems a bit like hyperbole. Chernobyl, as history records, became a central part of Gorbachev’s Glasnost campaign which eventually led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union (helped of course by the industrial level of corruption among […]

Ungagged Team

Beinn Irbhinn

Beinn Irbhinn (anglicised: Ben Irvine) is a Scottish socialist, originally from Greenock. He is known in Greenock for his activity while a member of the SSP, where he campaigned for the socialist case for Scottish independence, as well as being vocal on issues such as fuel poverty in Inverclyde and strongly opposing Inverclyde Council’s insidious […]