Fuck You very Much

(Written for Memorial Day 2015.)   to all those whose idea of patriotism is sending out young people to die trying to kill other young people trying to kill them: FUCK YOU. to all those more concerned with the profits and interests of corporations than the cost of permanent war on individual humans and societies […]



First published 1994/1995 nero sits in his white house eating big macs and playing the sax while adolf in munich dances a jig rachel stands alone forsaken by the world weeping for her children like an audience at the coliseum watching gladiators fight the world waits for her children to die with pilate we wash […]


Chuck Hamilton Writing

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Chuck Hamilton

Chuck Hamilton was born 27 June 1963 in a building literally a hundred yards from his current flat, which is also directly across the street from the university where he got his bachelor’s in political science in 1985. While at UTC Chuck helped establish a social activist organization on campus that later put on one […]