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Jagdeesh Singh

Jagdeesh Singh
Jagdeesh Singh is 46 years old, born in the UK in 1970 to Panjaabi-Sikh migrant parents. Like his father before him, and grandfather and more, Jagdeesh has been a passionate campaigner on multi-global issues like the rights of small nations to free statehood to the global environmental crisis brought about by insensitive human rampage to mass, systemised cruelty on animals and nature.
As a person of Panjaabi-Sikh heritage, he has a strong connection to the enduring injustices being committed on Panjaab (neighbouring Kashmir), over the preceding 150 years. He describes both Panjaab and Kashmir as ‘forgotten Palestines’, and says they epitomise the global wide struggle of small, grassroot nations which are stateless fighting against the gruesome oppression and subjugation of big, repressive superstates like India, China, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, etc.
As a Panjaabi, he speaks passionately and agonisingly of the enduring repression, genocide and economic and ecological sabotage that the Indian state is committing on Panjaab, and replicating in neighbouring Kashmir and other dissenting regions of the mass Indian state like Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, etc.
Jagdeesh describes himself as radical and anti-establishment. He draws his inspiration from ‘sikhi’ (‘Sikhism’) as a radical, liberating philosophy of individual and global life, and from prolific radical writers like John Papworth – ‘small is beautiful’.
Jagdeesh’s favourite quotes include: “It is dangerous to be right, when those in power are wrong” from Voltaire; and, “You can imprison our bodies, but you cannot imprison our minds!” from Sukha & Jinda (two radical Panjaabi freedom-fighters, executed by the Indian state in the 1990s).