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Small Acts of Resistance

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean Summer and the time is right for dancing in the street… and getting wet. And protesting the most socially right wing Government since the last one, supported by the bigoted DUP. Having said that, one small act of resistance at the ballot box has saved many a fox… and perhaps hopefully changed […]

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Phat Bollard

Phat Bollard are a travelling Cornish busking band who travel around the country playing in different towns and cities as they go. A mobile phone recording of their song “Millionaires”, which criticises big business and peoples’ attitudes towards the homeless, has been viewed nearly three million times on Facebook. I know of no other group today that […]

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Sarah Mackie

Hailing from the Scottish town of Auchterarder, Sarah is a 33 year-old mature student at Perth College, part of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), where she is about to start her third year studying BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering. With a particular interest in fusing orchestral instruments with a modern electro feel, Sarah began composing her own tracks […]

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Punk pop three-piece Mower, once described as the ‘poppy Sonic Youth’, are returning after a 12 year break with the release of digital single Under The Iron Thumb via Reckless Yes Records on 21 July 2017. A blistering return Under The Iron Thumb is high-octane lo-fi garage pop that gives side-eye to the political situation […]

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Mishkin Fitzgerald

Mishkin Fitzgerald is best known for her role as lead singer and pianist in the British ‘orchestral punk-rock’ band, Birdeatsbaby. Solo she plays darkly tinged pianos ballads and weird alt-pop tunes. Influenced heavily by classical piano music, and alternative artists such as Nick Cave, Patti Smith and Regina Spektor, Mishkin’s sound is distinctive, fragile and […]

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Killer BOB

Killer BOB are a band with an aggro, grunge-metal vibe taking influence from the likes of Soundgarden, Black Flag, Alice in Chains & Pantera with more than a hint of yoni power.  We are here to satisfy your unmet needs with a smooth blend of anger and introspection.   Find out more on Killer BOB’s website, follow them on facebook or twitter or listen to […]

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Birdeatsbaby’s name was literally dreamt up by band leader Mishkin Fitzgerald, back in her teens after a particularly long bout of insomnia. Often sleep deprived and on medication the flame haired singer would have strong hallucinations and nightmares, resulting in most of the material from the band’s first record “Here She Comes-a-Tumblin’”. Fitzgerald, having had […]