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Online ordering during isolation – Email from Debra T

Firstly, I would like to thank you for still being accessible while in these unprecedented times. I hope you and your kin stay well in this frightening climate.
I have been following the Scottish governmental and national health service advice and staying home. I have multiple sclerosis as well as other health issues and share a household with my 79 year old mother. We are both disabled.
Prior to our 13 day lockdown, we were due an appointment with social work regarding extra home care help and assisted living funds. Understandably, all our appointments have been cancelled.
We have always relied on shopping for our regular messages online. I understand demand has increased however many disabled and vulnerable folk, who already relied on these vital services are now facing challenges in receiving basic essentials.
The very folk being told they are most vulnerable to the Covid-19 (Corona) virus have probably already been using online services for some time, therefore might not have the stockpiles we have seen other in-store shoppers hoard. My pensioner mother also only has a half size fridge, with a single drawer freezer. I suspect many older citizens have a similar kitchen set up, and therefore have to shop more frequently.
I was pleased to hear stocks on the shelves are returning to normal as well as shoppers and retailers being more responsible and precautious. This has not trickled down to the online deliveries. There are lengthy waits for delivery slots, when delivery slots are available the amount delivered is fractional and at times pointless. Taking up scare delivery spots to deliver a can of juice and some cereal isn’t rational.
I can only begin to imagine the overwhelming correspondence you will be receiving right now. However this is an emergency situation and I’ve raised it with my own retailer, but after speaking to others in similar situations, it’s clear this is a problem with every online retailer. I feel the government needs to discuss this problem before it escalates.
Many thanks for your time in this matter,

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