Coronavirus Corruption Poetry Satire

You’re Muted


We are approaching 2020

As you leave the craft, collect hand sanitizer, a mask,

And a full-face visor for your one task

Which you must accept

To prevent contamination


Now fear not, for you will also find some peace.

A short respite from the warring, starving nations

Who must now repel disease.

And ladies! You can leave behind your

Bra, make up and jewels,

And find, instead, your inner fortitude

As you toss your unruly hair to the wind

In tranquil, feral solitude


Collect here, also, a copy of the rules.

You may walk across the empty roads

without a second glance

Inhale the fresh, unpolluted air.

Then take your chance

with the running armies of gasping

Unmasked un-dead,

Panting, gagging, to stay ahead of despair.

Cross their path if you dare


So, friends and companions,

Cherish your last embrace

For a while.

Your next encounter will be an awkward wave

and a distorted smile

through a flat glass screen.

Alone yet together

Connected by a threat, until now unseen

through this portal of space.


Now, go forth and flourish, but take this advice

Be careful. Your ticket says ‘Destination Random. Half Price’

Complaints and liabilities will be firmly refuted.

And you may not be readmitted.

What’s that you say Sir?

Oh I’m Sorry.

You’re muted.

Val Waldron

















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