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I am IndyBag: Let me introduce myself

My friend, Philip Richard Knobinson (writes under the silly name of Prick) has invited me to write a weekly column for Ungagged as I live in and rarely leave Scotland? I’m of the left and know that Independence is the only direction the Tories and their press; New Labour and their tories are leading us to. This is a relief to we on the independence side, as the more the Tory press lie about social attitudes here in Scotland, the less we believe them, and let’s be honest, the less of a chance these press outlets will survive here.

As for Sly, Slippery Sir Keir Starmer, he has taken on the dark arts we saw at play on the streets in 2014 when Labour for Independence were attacked and ejected by the Brit-Stalinesque-well fed core of their party and whose supporters trod the streets whisking up sectarianism by telling their West of Scotland Catholic support that the SNP would impose a ‘wee free anti-Catholic state,’ and whispering to their biscuit faced Orange support that Yes Scotland was full of Irish Republicans. The whispers to the “granny farms” (their term for pensioner care homes) were all about the SNP stealing their pensions (this after Gordon Brown had literally stolen our promised pensions). Lots of this Machiavellian nonsense went under the radar, but not unnoticed as we Yes activists were confronted by the people these liars had spun their panicked unionist myths to.

What can we do to combat this kind of Tory campaigning? Well its at its zenith at present, and support for independence is climbing. People know about the dirty tricks. Well, some do. And for those people we MUST continue to stay truthful. The odd thing isn’t watching Unionist support coming from odd online phenomena like Wings Over Scotland, Barrhead Boy, Craig Murray or even the troubled and repressed Alba Party, the odd thing are the people who still give them money or even the time of day. These people and their patter belong in a museum under the title, “weird repressed hangovers from the 1950’s. See also, Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Brexit.” Like the current anti Independence campaign by Police Scotland, the Tories, New Labour and the Liberal Democrats (remember them?) and their press, these odd, angry little middle aged/pension aged men with obsessions (including constantly droning on about other peoples genitals) who had shitty childhoods they haven’t worked through yet, go largely ignored by real people and the Independence movement they now hate. Ordinary people don’t know these people who campaign for more cash, more cash and more cash from poor people to keep them in comfort in Bath, Portugal or where ever else the grift allows them to live.

As I say, this column has been sold to me as a weekly occurrence. I schooled with Phil Rick Knobinson (@prick_knobinson on Twitter-a platform I am as yet not on), and we were in the same house… Cunctatio. So, we’ll see.


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