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Indybag: Fuck the Corporations and Neil Oliver

Donald Rumsfeld has been trying to kill me for years, what with ensuring that after the Irish stopped bombing Britain, he and his Whitehouse gang introduced a new set of disgruntled bombers, and of course his lacing Diet Coke, vitamin tablets, toothpaste, cereal and chewing gum with his aspartame. Having said that, of course Rishi Sunak, his cabinet and their tory predecessors are trying to kill us all. I’ve just returned from Europe, burnt to a crisp and almost collapsing in my determination to walk through the soup that 40 degree+ heat turns air into, determined as I am to walk from bar to bar. 

Anyone over the age of 20 will be aware of Cameron, the worlds worst ever world leader and Boris Johnson, the worlds worst ever fucking lying criminal clown, performing cycling tricks and vomiting words that stuck together in sentences, seemed to suggest they might be talking about doing something about climate change. Of course, like Camerons tightly shot “public” meetings that were closed to the public, these word salads sommet d’un vélo were follies built atop a hill of flowing, sellable and profitable oil. Money promised in 2009 to help tackle climate change that is at present- at this moment in time – killing thousands of people and driving a huge surge in people seeking refuge in more moderate climates, has not been forthcoming. Government staff who had key roles in our international drive to ensure the world becomes a cleaner, safer and in fact liveable place have been paid off (full time staff working on climate change and energy has been cut by nearly a third since the tories came to power from 277 to 108… and falling). 

Edward Bernays, back in the day, sowed doubt amongst those who pretty much knew tobacco was poisoning them, their gasping for air, dying families and friends. He glamourised “torches of freedom” by advertising cigarettes using young women dressed as suffragettes. Rebellion was thrown back at us by corporations who spent the equivalent of hundreds of millions of pounds to open up a new market for tobacco (until then, women were not a huge market for tobacco and most men already smoked ). Nowadays Big Corp runs entire media organisations- Fox, GB News, Talk TV etc, and the idiots running the mainstream give the same courtesy to the minuscule number of so called scientist doubters and fucking QAnon style climate conspiracy wankers as they do to the over 90% of the science community who are warning us that we are all going to die if we don’t do something fucking fast. And floppy haired arsehole Neil Oliver belches nonsense to those looking to the cold British summer skies saying, “where is our share in this warming?” 

The oil, gas, car, and other industries have spent a lot of money on Bernays style greenwashing and spreading doubt as to whether our out of control usually protective greenhouse is actually out of control. And they pump more and more shite into our upper atmosphere, trapping more heat that is ensuring more and more of our landmass is unliveable, burning our forests (releasing even MORE shit into the atmosphere, which traps MORE heat), killing us with increasing levels of skin cancer, melting our polar icecaps, raising the sea and ensuring more water is released into our skies that floods our towns and cities and kills more and more and increasingly more people day by day, year on year. 

Rumsfeld, who has poisoned my chewing gum, spoke of known unknowns. We know this is happening, but we really don’t know where it will end. But the evidence that is as plain as the melanoma on our faces is mounting daily that we are consuming our way to killing our children and grandchildren. 

Look. I’ll get back to Scottish Independence and waving my fucking Saltire soon. But this is a fucking pollution emergency. We are all going to die, and we are going to take our children with us. 

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