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Indybag: “Ignore the angry-for-cash and the lefty nice-but-dims, and get camping!”

I had no fucking idea how stupid people I agreed with could be until I helped radicalise them.

[Apology: Please bear with this rant. There is a proposal at the end.]

Back to the rant.

Post September 2014, people who had until that point been happy talking about Dirty Den, Lady Ga Ga, the Oasis Brothers and Ena Fucking Sharples as if they were members of their own families and doing ice bucket challenges, felt they were hard done by everything South of Gretna Green whereas before then the only politics they did was not to vote Tory because their parents hadn’t.

Post September 2014, some knew how to further radicalise this cash cow demographic to the point where they’d part with their cash for indypoop on a continuous angry looped stick.

Keep them angry, promise them a vague notion of action, expose  “infiltrators” and wokies everywhere, create blocklists followed quickly by even more urgent scrounging and crisis creation and “traitor exposé”, ad infinitum…

Cult-for-cash building within the stupid end of the indy spectrum became a profitable business – and still is, even though the cult at times turns on its own for not being as fervent as those wanting heads on sticks.  Leaving a cult takes a self awareness and a strength some just don’t possess. A cult can become an extended family- and a family turning on you isn’t nice. Leaving a cult is even more difficult for those who don’t want to admit they’ve been wrong, so finding the next thing that profits their cult leader, and pick out imaginary “traitors to the cause” is the only thing to do.

I imagine you are asking, “What the fuck is that Indybag cunt on about?”

I’ll cut to the chase.

Nice but dim lad, Chris Hanlon is standing against the SNP leadership because of what he says is their inaction for indy. And hidden deep down inside him, so far he probably doesn’t realise he thinks it, the Alba Party Cult’s latest synthetic crisis for cash that concludes, “the SNP leadership are a gravy train and we’ve got a dossier to prove it” makes immense sense to him.

Of course, the Alba cult leader Mr Salmond, launching his latest Sheridan-like “bisto-circuit” more profitably than the sunbed silk glove ever did, escapes nice but dim Chris Hanlon’s notice as I’m sure he’ll pay for tickets for the Edinburgh Festival money grab. Nice but dim lad, Chris Hanlon in his nice but dim and not outwardly Alba cultist way feels that brexit, covid, and a massive tory majority closing down our democracy are no excuses. We should be independent NOW, and if only IndyBath, IndyPortugal, Indy-Blairite-Ex-Brit Ambassador-who-didn’t-pay-last-Years-festival-bands, Reliant Robin McAl, plus the said Sleepy Cuddles Bisto-Express, were left to run the campaign on our behald, we would have won it circa 2015 and could have returned to discussing EastEnders and Lady Ga Ga at the outside tap (Nice but dim lad, Chris Hanlon wouldn’t of course put it like that. He just wants to look like he’s doing something radical and lefty by saying others aren’t doing something fervent but nice like him). Where is nice but dim Ash Regan in all this? Only Ash (and nice but dim Chris) care.

I apologise for helping to radicalise these cult for cash funders, followers and flag shaggers, I really do. Every drooling Twitter fan-boy of the dodgy IndyBams and anti-wokists I persuaded at a tressle table or front door, I promise you, I really do self flagellate and weep as they bigot-ly tweet, facebook or donate to Indy-Angry-terf-fuckwit-for-money. I apologise for persuading these “I’ve always been Labour until Sept 2014” nice but dims to get involved. Why oh why didn’t Colin Fox or that Rise thing whatever it was, do their bit and get them busy selling papers- get them doing something other than thinking too hard about being lefties that do stuff that involves criticising those not doing the important stuff they are?

So what do we do?

I can only say ignore these idiots, nice but dim or not, who I said two columns back I’d ignore, and continue to build real campaigns the hard way. Their “easy way” is attacking their own and tweeting capital letters at those on the front line in order to pull in more money for IndyBath etc. They have no real solutions other than to say, “do something faster, and give him your fucking money or me a vote for criticising someone.”

I hear you say, “Mr Indybag, for fuck sake quit whinging… what is YOUR solution?”

Well, I’m glad you asked. I favour supporting people with positivity. I support positive action. I support looking outwards. I support an election that counts the votes for independence and weighs those against the votes for unionists, and when we win THAT, I support those of us who can, should pitch our tents outside the Embassy’s of our American friends, our Indian friends, our Japanese and Australian, New Zealand and other international friends; the offices of our EU friends; Westminster; every Labour constituency office we can and, dammit, the fucking UN in New York – in the way we did in Edinburgh in the nineties to help win our Scottish Parliament back. After the defacto referendum, Indycamp across the world and DEMAND international support for our democratic right for a binding referendum that can only lead to our self determination. And fund our newly elected indy government to knock on every nation’s political front doors. The world talks a good game about democracy and freedom and self determination –  – Lets demand THEY TOO demand it off Westminster once we’ve expressed our political will.

Positive, outward action.

Meeting the world head on and fuck the ignorant insular indy cash cults and their gravy train (and smile ever so patronisingly over the heads of the likes of nice but dim lad Chris Hanlon).

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