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It’s Time to Play the Music… ELECTION DAY!

By Willie Miller’s Moustache Regardless of who you vote for on Thursday, might I just take a moment to congratulate and commend you for doing so. Anyone who has been maintaining an even superficial interest in BritPol over the last few weeks and chosen not to emigrate, self-immolate, join or start some obscure and isolationist […]

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Ungagged Presents: Richie Venton on the lessons of the Miner’s Stike

Richie Venton is an activist and writer, and is a founder member of the Scottish Socialist Party.  He is the Workplace and unions organiser of the party.  He was the central organise of the Merseyside socialists who led a victorious mass movement against Thatcher’s government in the ’80’s, which won huge reforms for the people […]