Oh Dear, Dr Greer

Perhaps the first serious, scholarly book I ever read for pleasure, rather than as part of a syllabus, was The Female Eunuch. I can’t remember now how I came across a copy or who recommended it to me, but I most certainly can remember the experience of reading it; I had never thought about my […]



  Just think of all those hours where You weren’t ill, weren’t lost or heartbroken Weren’t unhappy, weren’t distressed Nor tortured with words, spoken or unspoken   When you were going about your business as usual. Distractedly, maybe, bored, barely awake, But not in pain, unhappy, feeling desperate Or wracked with self-doubt, or shattered by […]



  The inky dark December sky outside is punctured Holed by a luminous moon, cold and full and bright. But inside, there are three candles and eleven tea lights burning There is peace, there is warmth, there is complete quiet.   Shifting currents below the surface are heralding something good An almost imperceptible sense of […]



You can’t run away from ghosts. They’re too sly for that. They slip and slide after you, seeping through cracks In your consciousness. That grey silence just before dawn Where your fears rush in and create a gap? That’s their favourite place. Their space.   Throw yourself into your work. Go on. Add hours to […]


These Shoes Were Made For Kicking

This is what perhaps would have once been characterised as a ‘summer story’. An irate mother, annoyed with the ludicrous names attached to some of the ranges of boys’ and girls’ shoes in Clarks, vented her feelings on social media and the story was picked up by the media and went viral. Plenty of politicians […]

Ungagged Podcast

GE2017: Kick Out The Tories

  Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean On this Pre-Election special, we’ll have Derek Stewart Macpherson with the first part of his Spin Cycle series, John McHarg talking about voter choice, Richie Venton on the choices socialists are facing in this election, and we’ll be hearing from Nick Durie about how this election proves the YES […]

Ungagged Team

Teresa Durran

Teresa’s life is built on the four cornerstones of politics, music, cricket and cake. Being the daughter of immigrants has entirely informed her world and political view, and she has consequently always instinctively rooted (and occasionally fought) for the underdog, the outsider and the ‘other’. She is left leaning but non party political, and is […]