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For nearly six years Syria has been in the midst of a civil and growingly international war. With hundreds of thousands of lost lives and tens of millions of displaced people, the conflict seems to not be nearing any closer to an end.

From barrel bombs, chemical weapons, parachute bombs and conventional ballistics, the people of Aleppo are caught in the middle of a deadly war zone.

There is a hashtag movement to #EvacuateAleppoKids since the last children’s hospital in the city was destroyed, and more lives snuffed out, buried in the rubble of their last refuge. 

Volunteers in the city still run towards the blasts and potential further dropped bombs. Regardless of whichever side is buried in the rubble, they will dig them out. More often than not the most impacted are civilians and children.

They will fight fires, stabilise buildings, save lives. They are brave, they are the White Helmets.

This Christmas think about these heroic folk. Spare a thought for those who cannot escape these horrors. Check out the charities gathering aid for the poor people left destitute from war.

The Red Cross Syria Appeal 

The Human Appeal 

Save the Children Syria Crisis 

Islamic Relief Syria Emergency 

Image and writing by Debra Torrance 

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